Feeling Bold?

You have just one hour to take on our 92oz steak and 5 sides challenge. The drinks are on the house should you defeat our monster steak. Still feeling bold, spark?

Many have tried and fallen, but if you are feeling up to the task, grab your weapon of choice and head on down to MEAT. We’ll be waiting for you in our battle gear.

Ready for Smoke?

We do things differently—properly—like our family has done for years.

We use an antique smoker. Only the best in the business, passed down through our family since 1907 to cook your MEAT. You’re in good hands with years of experience. Come in and see us, we’ll introduce you to our team and Betty, the smoker.

Ready for Beer?

From Brewdog to Williams Bros, we have all the best in craft beer.

We’re a proud member of the craft beer community. Leave your watered down crap at the door, we want the best to accompany your MEAT. Our team know their beers and will guide you through them—we even have samples for you to try.