There’s a few ways you can contact me. Unfortunately I no longer accept post by owl so email will just need to do you. If you would like to talk about a project please use the project planner.

Project Planner

So you’re looking to start a website project with me. Smart move. Simply fill out the project planner and I’ll be in touch shortly. I’ll need more information at a later stage, this is just to get things started. If you have any questions please get in touch using one of the methods above.

  • Spill the beans. Please provide as much information as you feel appropriate at this stage.
  • Select all the project needs you feel will be used in your project.
  • We can plan some of your project right away and schedule work in, but when would you like the project to have started by?
  • After the project has started, how long do I have to come up with a solution?
  • This is used to make sure your project is viable, not for pricing.
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