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I think we need to start giving our email unsubscribed pages a bit of love. Quite often it can be the last thing we say to our visitors, customers or readers. Quite often we give them a boring black and white page with a little bit of generic text.

Unsubscribe example

And we can do better than that.

Here’s mine but I’d still like to do a little more with it. There was two key elements in how it currently works.

  1. I made sure it was a one click unsubscribe—no confirming emails or checking boxes.
  2. I wanted to put a light-hearted spin on it and provide alternatives which might get some engagement.

Unfortunately my newsletter isn’t big enough to be able to get enough unsubscribes, so I can’t back this up with data. Surely it will be better than the boring, generic pages.

If the unsubscribe page is the last thing people see from you, put some effort into it.


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