WordPress Contact Form 7 Anti Spam - Quiz

Contact Form 7 is one of the biggest free contact form plugins available to your WordPress website but like anything else it is open to spam emails unless you take some action!

The Contact Form 7 plugin allows you to;

Manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup.

Using a Quiz to Stop Contact Form 7 Email Spam

Using the Quiz tag inside Contact Form 7 is a quick and easy way to add a spam shield to your contact form.

To create the Quiz, visit your Dashboard and go to the Contact menu item where you manage your Contact Forms. Create your form as you normally would, but just before the Submit button generate a new tag for a “Quiz”. The format for a quiz answers are question|answer. Here’s a little look at how you might use this;

Contact Form 7 Quiz

It’s up to you how much you put in. It only shows one of your entries - not them all! If you want to use these ones feel free just to copy and paste the code onto your contact form;

[quiz spam-quiz 2/2 "What comes first, c or y?|c" "What is 3 + 2?|5" "What is 2 - 1?|1" "What is the capital letter of y?|Y" "What is bigger, 7 or 9?|9" "What is smaller, 6 or 2?|2" "What is 5 - 2?|3" "What is 6 + 2?|8" "What is bigger, 3 or 7?|7" "What is bigger, 6 or 5?|6" "What is the capital letter of j?|J" "What is smaller, 8 or 9?|8" "What is bigger, 8 or 2?|8" "What is 2 x 4?|8" "What is 3 x 2?|6" "What is 8 - 3?|5" "What is the capital letter of k?|K"]

Using CAPTCHA in Contact Form 7

There is a built in anti-spam method for Contact Form 7, and that’s to use the CAPTCHA tags but you need to have Really Simple CAPTCHA installed to use it.

Nothing is Bomb Proof

Whether you use the Quiz, or CAPTCHA, or another method you will never cut spam out 100% as some spam might even be a human on the other end. These two simple methods in Contact Form 7 will help you however—I just prefer using the Quiz as it doesn’t require another plugin and is easier for a human to answer than an obscure image. It takes a bit of trial and error to see what works for you.

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