Why using Click Here for links is bad practice

Sometimes you might come across links which simply say “Click here”. It’s bad practice for many reasons, including the impact on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and accessibility.

Back in the old days using “Click here” provided some form of instructions to users. Publishers of web content decided that visitors needed pointers of carrying out basic tasks such as clicking on links. Surely you want to write your content without worrying about users being able to navigate around, after all they got to your page in the first place so it would be a safe assumption to assume they know how links work. Especially when “Click here” implies they are using a mouse to actually click…

Why using Click Here is bad

  • If you print out the page, “Click here” suddenly becomes useless and doesn’t look very professional.
  • Search engines use the text in a link to help identify what the link is about. The link isn’t really about “Click here” is it?
  • “Click here” applies you have a device to click with. Not all users do have that device, or chose not to use it.
  • “Click here” is useless when taken out of context in a list of links.
  • Quite often users just scan a page, stuff like hyperlinks stand out - make use of them with descriptive text!

Examples of Good and Bad links

Here is some examples to show the usage of links.

Good Examples of Links

Bad Examples of Links

  • Click here to order now!
  • Tell me more about Web Design.
  • Find out more about Dot Monster Graphic Design services by clicking here.

See the difference? When calling a user to action try to follow the link guidelines from w3:

  • provides some information when read out of context
  • explains what the link offers
  • doesn’t talk about mechanics
  • is not a verb phrase
, .

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