Whosit & Whatsit

Back in June 2014 I went down to Newcastle to get my hands dirty in the Whosit & Whatsit renovations. If you’re not familiar with Whosit & Whatsit, they promote independent designers by giving them a space on the highstreet in Newcastle’s prestigious Quayside.

Our ethos simply focuses on and around great design, whether that be graphic, typographic, illustrative, or product.

Almost eight months later I went back down to see Naomi and the team to see how they were getting on since they opened. And of course to sample some coffee—they have Pink Lane Coffee in store.

It had changed quite a bit since I was last there. The rubble in the corner had been replaced with AnyForty tees.

Just beside the front door there’s some smaller treats like these Weamo Pencil Pots.

And to the left, just under the roof we tore down is a collection of prints.

I snapped up some birthday gifts whilst I was there, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up keeping half the stuff I bought. So if you’re near Newcastle, head through to Whosit & Whatsit in the Quayside and treat yourself.

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