Weekly Industry Team Talks

Last week I attended Industry Conference in Newcastle. One of the takeaways for me was to conduct a weekly Front End Development (FED) Talk. It’s a weekly meeting where people on the team get the chance to talk about something related to their industry. It could be something they found interesting, challenging or new. The concept doesn’t need to be restricted to Front End Development though. I can see it being useful in almost any Industry.

Our First FED Talk

We carried out our first FED talk in a team of three this week to test it out. It was between a developer and two designers, and consisted of two talks. One of the talks was related to our product from a UX side of things. The other was about a A:B Testing in general. Although the A:B testing talk wasn’t directly related to our product, we still left the room with two actions which could apply to our work.

The Talk Format

We picked a day—not a time—to carry out the talks. Each person was asked to pick one subject before hand. They would then have 2–10 minutes to chat about it in the meeting. The subject didn’t need to be about our product or job at all, as long as it was something to do with web design or development. Here’s some subject areas to give you an idea:

  • A new site they came across
  • A new technique they learned
  • A problem they struggled to solve
  • A problem they didn’t solve
  • A new concept

I’m looking forward to see what the upcoming talks bring up!

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