Treat All Leads as Equals

I’m moving home. There’s a whole bunch of companies I need to get in contact with. Companies to quote for work, companies to check over the property, companies to update my details with—the list goes on.

One thing that’s become clear though is the lack of urgency when it comes to email leads or enquiries. Sadly, this seems to be more evident in small local businesses. Those who I’d rather work with. Those who probably need the business more than the corporate giants.

I have the same money to spend as someone who picks up the phone or visits the shop. Email just suits me better as I’m able to lay all my thoughts out in one go. I then have a record of exactly what we discussed—which can be quite important when it comes to moving home. With email I can also digest, and re-digest the responses when I’m able to.

I can only assume the lack of urgency with some companies is down to those running it not treating email like I do. Perhaps it’s reasonable to them that three or four days turn around on an email enquiry is fine. It’s not though, and it’s likely that they just lost out on a decent amount of work.

As Ashley Baxter tweeted recently,

In the past day I’ve been booked for a wedding via @SlackHQ and had a job enquiry via my @exposure account. It’s important to be everywhere!

All leads, no matter their form, should be treated as equals.


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