The Top 7 WordPress Plugins I Use

When I’m building a WordPress website there’s always a select few plugins that I always use. They might as well come bundled with WordPress for me.

Yoast’s SEO Plugin

Having used a few different SEO plugins years ago, I moved onto Yoast’s and have never looked further.

Gravity Forms

I no longer bother with any other forms plugin. The conditional elements and form tools inside Gravity Forms save me so much time. I bought a developer licence for it and use it whenever I can.

Widget Logic

Having the flexibility to add widgets conditionally to pages let’s me quickly build out more complex sidebars. With Widget Logic you can use WordPress’ conditional tags to decide what widgets you want to display.


A subtle and effective enhancement to page navigation tools with very little configuration. WP-PageNavi replaces the default Newer and Older post links with a numbered system.


I don’t really like handing off a site to a client when there are a lot of Dashboard areas that are either out of bounds or stuff they wouldn’t ever use. I use Adminimize to hide all that and clean the interface up.

TinyMCE Advanced

I like to let the site’s CSS handle the design of the pages. I found that when people can change the font size, text colour and suchlike—they do. I use TinyMCE Advanced to chop and change the tools available in the page editor to make sure the CMS doesn’t interfere in a negative way.

Login Logo

Login Logo is such a little lightweight plugin that lets you change the logo on the login screen. A nice little touch.

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