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A Visit to Paris

This time last week I was in Paris, having spent a day in London before getting the Eurostar to Paris. Here’s what it looked like. The view from the top of the Arc de Triomphe.

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A Visit to Skye

This time last week I was driving the 225 miles to Skye. In the four days we covered 725 miles in the car, and probably walked around 20–25 miles. Here’s where we visited and how to find them.

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Exercise Motivation

Last July I wrote Keeping Fit in a Desk Job, and in September I wrote about Getting Started with Keto. Since I stopped doing Keto I slowly started to put the weight back on that I had lost. It didn’t really help I’ve not been running much recently—and Christmas happened.

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Whosit & Whatsit

Back in June I went down to Newcastle to get my hands dirty in the Whosit & Whatsit renovations. If you’re not familiar with Whosit & Whatsit, they promote independent designers by giving them a space on the highstreet in Newcastle’s prestigious quayside.

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Geek Mental Help Week

This is my contribution to Geek Mental Help Week. Generally speaking things are going pretty well for me. I’m meeting a lot of new people since I shifted from working in IT to the web industry. I’m enjoying the day job. I’m pottering along outside of work with the odd freelance job just fine. But around two months ago I hit burnout.

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A Year On

It’s been a year since my day job switched from IT to web design. A year since my job title changed from IT Support Technician to Web Developer. It still sounds a little weird to be honest, although my title has switched to Designer recently which feels like a better fit. I had been freelancing outside of the day job for four or so years previous. It’s only been this last year though, where I’ve had a design job which took up all my working week.

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Connecting and Reconnecting

We all know keeping in touch with friends and family is important, but the same applies to colleagues and customers. Checking in with previous clients can spark off work, make new opportunities and open a door to meet new people. It doesn’t take much to drop someone a message who you’ve not spoken to in a while to see how they are doing, and how their business is going.

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Starting with Keto

My next step in fitness was to take the diet a bit more seriously and step up the running. In the end I decided to start the Keto diet which is maintaining a state of ketosis by keeping my carbohydrate intake under 25g per day. I’ve just started week five, having started the diet on Sunday 10th August. Here’s what I’ve done, learned and been through.

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Keeping Fit in a Desk Job

It wasn’t so long ago that I struggled with keeping fit whilst working at a desk all day. I was sitting around, a lot. This is a timeline of how I broke my habits, leading up to what I do now. My manager got a group of us into running. I played a bit of football, how hard could it have been?

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