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Organising an InstaMeet

Last weekend was #Glencoe15—an InstaMeet held in Glencoe. We went for a walk up into the Lost Valley. An Instameet is a community organised photography event based around Instagram. A bunch of people with similar interests meet up and create something. Here’s how we organised it, and an excuse to post some photos.

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WordPress Security

WordPress itself isn’t a security problem if you keep your nose clean. Neglecting security is a problem. It’ll consume that box of tissues quicker than you can say permissions. It’ll cause you to sit through frustrating calls to your hosting provider. You’ll spend hours scrambling around the code. Imagine if you could just set things up, sit back, and watch Game of Thrones.

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Quick Wins for Web Typography

Quite often on the web we visit sites to read. With the web being about 95% typography it makes sense to try and get it right. 95% of the information on the web is written language. It is only logical to say that a web designer should get good training in the main discipline of shaping written information.

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I’ve been doing some reading about getting into public speaking. I’ll be speaking—albeit briefly—at a company meet-up in January and would like to get into doing more of that sort of thing if it goes well. Here’s a collection of the information I’ve found and my takeaways from them.

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Keeping up to Date

It’s tough keeping your skills up to date—especially when it comes to a fast paced industry like the web. Whilst it’s not possible to keep on top of everything, there are a few resources and tools available to make things a little easier. Here’s the resources I use.

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The Solo Daily Stand-up

Working on your own doesn’t mean you can’t take the benefits from a daily stand-up meeting and apply it to your work. If you’re not familiar with a daily stand-up, it’s a quick meeting to go over what you done yesterday, will do today, and any potential roadblocks. They provide the team with a status update on what everyone’s working on and any potential challenges.

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Your Domain, Your Control

Are you in control of your domain name? Might seem a simple enough question, but have you really looked into how difficult it would be for you to lose your domain? Don’t overlook the value your domain name brings to your business—be it advertising, orders, or communication—and keep it safe. Double check how secure it is, it could just make your life a little easier.

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Making Email Work Harder

Email gets a lot of stick. It doesn’t take too long before you stumble across someone posting a screenshot of their phones home screen and they have 10,000 email notifications, so it’s easy to see why people hate it. I like to thing I’m on top of email, and I use it a little differently to some people.

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Getting Stuff Done

I use four main tools to help me get work done. I find they help me keep focused on the tasks in hand, and help with creative block. If I know something is taken care of, and I know I won’t forget about something, it helps me focus on the task in hand.

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Rubbish News Pages

Do you really need a News page? Is it something that’s just there to pad out the content? Do your visitors really care? Purpose and content is what’ll make your News work for you. You need to engage with users, inspire and grab them.

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How to Pick a Web Hosting Platform

Before you can get your site out there, you’ll need somewhere to store the files! Typically there are three main types of hosting you can purchase, shared, VPS or dedicated. Each of these have their own advantages, it’s just a case of picking the one which suits your requirements best.

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How to Pick a Web Hosting Company

It’s vital your site is hosted with a reputable, stable hosting company. If it’s not, the chances are you’ll spend most of your time chasing support, troubleshooting on your own and watching your visitors get fed up with performance.

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URL Fashion

Well thought out URL structures will enhance your rankings and increase your visitors. It’s important to keep things organised and simple for your visitors. In doing so, you’ll do some good for your SEO.

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Tips For Running a Social Media Campaign

So you’re all set up with a little Facebook Page, Twitter account and perhaps even a LinkedIn profile. You might have thought that already you would have had a storm of activity and loads of money in your account with all the customers you brought in. No?

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Image Resolution for Website Design and Graphic Design

Having images at the right resolution is very important when it comes to sending the files to the printer, be it your own printer or a local firm. Images at the wrong resolution can lead to fuzzy prints or your printing firm just refusing the work.

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Fighting WordPress Comment Spam

If you allow comments on any blog you’ll need to take spam into consideration. WordPress itself actually has a few built in features to help cut down on spam comments however there is also a few great plugins and hacks to make your life even easier such as Akismet, but we can do better.

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Backup and Sync Folders with Dropbox and Symbolic Links

Sync Folders With Dropbox as a Simple Backup Solution - A great way to backup your files is to sync folders with Dropbox using symbolic links. Backing up files is important. At any time your hard drive could fail, rendering all your files inaccessible.

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Registering a Domain Name

One of the first steps you will take when creating your own website will be registering a domain name. Every single website out there has one! Just think of it as your websites address. If you want to go to someone’s house you need to know their address.

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