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Weekly Industry Team Talks

Last week I attended Industry Conference in Newcastle. One of the takeaways for me was to conduct a weekly Front End Development Talk. It’s a weekly meeting where people on the team get the chance to talk about something related to their industry.

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The Top 7 WordPress Plugins I Use

When I’m building a WordPress website there’s always a select few plugins that I always use. They might as well come bundled with WordPress for me. First up is Yoast’s SEO Plugin—WordPress SEO.

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Keeping up to Date

It’s tough keeping your skills up to date—especially when it comes to a fast paced industry like the web. Whilst it’s not possible to keep on top of everything, there are a few resources and tools available to make things a little easier. Here’s the resources I use.

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Getting Stuff Done

I use four main tools to help me get work done. I find they help me keep focused on the tasks in hand, and help with creative block. If I know something is taken care of, and I know I won’t forget about something, it helps me focus on the task in hand.

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Attending Conferences

I’ve been to three web industry conferences now, #TIDE in Scarborough, SmashingConf in Oxford and The Meat Conference in Aberdeen. Next up for me is The Web Is in Cardiff at the end of October. They can be expensive but for what you get from them I really believe it’s worth it.

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Redesign Process

Initially I was going to write about the process of my site redesign in a previous post, but that turned out to be an overview due to the size of it. Here I want to go into the tools, thoughts and technical aspects such as getting into CodeKit, statistics, SASS and suchlike. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve learned a lot since my last site revision so it was time to tighten things up around here.

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Putting what I’ve learned over the past 18 months since my last redesign to the test. Overcoming designing without constraints and bring in new ideas to my approach to web design and freelancing.

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Web and Design Industry Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to get up to speed with what’s going on in the web industry. Many talk about emerging technologies, interview interesting people, and sometimes even go into tutorials. Here’s a collection of podcasts which relate to website design, development and running a website which I’ve found useful.

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