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WordPress Security

WordPress itself isn’t a security problem if you keep your nose clean. Neglecting security is a problem. It’ll consume that box of tissues quicker than you can say permissions. It’ll cause you to sit through frustrating calls to your hosting provider. You’ll spend hours scrambling around the code. Imagine if you could just set things up, sit back, and watch Game of Thrones.

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The Top 7 WordPress Plugins I Use

When I’m building a WordPress website there’s always a select few plugins that I always use. They might as well come bundled with WordPress for me. First up is Yoast’s SEO Plugin—WordPress SEO.

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Fighting WordPress Comment Spam

If you allow comments on any blog you’ll need to take spam into consideration. WordPress itself actually has a few built in features to help cut down on spam comments however there is also a few great plugins and hacks to make your life even easier such as Akismet, but we can do better.

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