New to Photography

I’ve always been interested in Photography, my Grandad has always taken lots of pictures everywhere he goes and I guess that’s where it started. I remember going out on walks with him and my Gran and we’d be moved left, right, up and down for him to get the shot he wanted. I didn’t get it then—but I do now.

A few years ago I bought a Nikon D3000 and must have taken 100 pictures with it before I sold it a year or so later. I didn’t invest the time to learn how to use it properly, it was just a big point and shoot. I always had my phone on my which took decent pictures—so that became my go-to rather than the DSLR.

Some time passed till I went to Ashley’s Glasgow Photo Walk. Whilst my pictures on my phone on the day didn’t look as good as others in the group from their grown up cameras, it spurred me on to take photography a bit more seriously and try to get into it again. I went off and purchased a Fuji X100s shortly after.

I went for the X100s purely down to the size of it. It’s much more compact than the Nikon I had before and I think it looks great with the retro styling! Sure you can’t change the lens on it but that didn’t bother me. I figured if I had a camera I liked and could carry around easily I would stick with it.

Armed Forces Day

I invested some time playing around and learning how to use it—I still have a lot to learn but I’m getting there. Whilst I read quite a bit about the different settings, I found that setting the camera to auto and seeing what it thought was the best for the shot and then tweaking those settings in manual mode to see the effects were was a better way for me to learn.

Hill of Row

I’ve taken nearly 1,000 pictures with the new camera, about 10 times more than my Nikon, and I’ve had it about a tenth of the time. I put all my pictures on Flickr and a selection on Instagram.


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