Exercise Motivation

Last July I wrote Keeping Fit in a Desk Job, and in September I wrote about Getting Started with [the] Keto [diet]. Since I stopped doing Keto I slowly started to put the weight back on that I had lost. It didn’t really help I’ve not been running much recently—and Christmas happened.

I need to sort things out, and writing about it here might help me out. I’m going to introduce these few steps to my routine to see if I can shift the upwards weight curve into a downwards one again. I’ll write about it again in a month or two and see what happened. You can hold me to it. I’m starting at 81kg.

  • Get back on the protein shakes for breakfast
  • Cut out all excess sugar, from the likes of tea, coffee and snacks
  • Purchase another fitness tracker to get some motivation and overview
  • Signup for a couple of 10k races and try get out a couple of times a week

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