Connecting and Reconnecting

We all know keeping in touch with friends and family is important, but the same applies to colleagues and customers. Checking in with previous clients can spark off work, make new opportunities and open a door to meet new people. It doesn’t take much to drop someone a message who you’ve not spoken to in a while to see how they are doing, and how their business is going.


Is there someone you’ve worked with in a previous job who left an impression on you and your work? Or someone who works in your industry that you met at a conference and haven’t spoke since? Drop them an email or a phone call out of the blue to see how they are. Ask about what they are working on, and tell them about some projects you’ve been happy to work on. Are there any opportunities to collaborate on coming up?


Run through some of the projects you worked on maybe a year or two ago, and who you’ve perhaps not spoke to in that time and check in. Their business will have changed since you last spoke. This could spin off into some work for you to help them take things to the next step.

Are there any people you wish were customers? Perhaps it’s a restaurant you like and noticed they have a poor website, or a coffee shop that doesn’t have one at all—talk to them about it.

Make your own opportunities, start with an email.

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