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Exercise Motivation

Last July I wrote Keeping Fit in a Desk Job, and in September I wrote about Getting Started with Keto. Since I stopped doing Keto I slowly started to put the weight back on that I had lost. It didn’t really help I’ve not been running much recently—and Christmas happened.

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The Top 7 WordPress Plugins I Use

When I’m building a WordPress website there’s always a select few plugins that I always use. They might as well come bundled with WordPress for me. First up is Yoast’s SEO Plugin—WordPress SEO.

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You have been unsubscribed

I think we need to start giving our email unsubscribed pages a bit of love. Quite often it can be the last thing we say to our visitors, customers or readers. Quite often we give them a boring black and white page with a little bit of generic text.

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Whosit & Whatsit

Back in June I went down to Newcastle to get my hands dirty in the Whosit & Whatsit renovations. If you’re not familiar with Whosit & Whatsit, they promote independent designers by giving them a space on the highstreet in Newcastle’s prestigious quayside.

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Quick Wins for Web Typography

Quite often on the web we visit sites to read. With the web being about 95% typography it makes sense to try and get it right. 95% of the information on the web is written language. It is only logical to say that a web designer should get good training in the main discipline of shaping written information.

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I’ve been doing some reading about getting into public speaking. I’ll be speaking—albeit briefly—at a company meet-up in January and would like to get into doing more of that sort of thing if it goes well. Here’s a collection of the information I’ve found and my takeaways from them.

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Keeping up to Date

It’s tough keeping your skills up to date—especially when it comes to a fast paced industry like the web. Whilst it’s not possible to keep on top of everything, there are a few resources and tools available to make things a little easier. Here’s the resources I use.

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Just Do Stuff

If work constantly lands on your lap; way to go. Let me know what you did. If you’re like me and it’s not always there, what are you doing to change it? Sitting around waiting on work to come your way isn’t a solution. Here’s some stuff I’ve been doing to get more work in—either directly or indirectly.

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Geek Mental Help Week

This is my contribution to Geek Mental Help Week. Generally speaking things are going pretty well for me. I’m meeting a lot of new people since I shifted from working in IT to the web industry. I’m enjoying the day job. I’m pottering along outside of work with the odd freelance job just fine. But around two months ago I hit burnout.

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The Solo Daily Stand-up

Working on your own doesn’t mean you can’t take the benefits from a daily stand-up meeting and apply it to your work. If you’re not familiar with a daily stand-up, it’s a quick meeting to go over what you done yesterday, will do today, and any potential roadblocks. They provide the team with a status update on what everyone’s working on and any potential challenges.

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