8 Ways to Create a Social Network Nightmare

It doesn’t take long before you stumble across some nightmare social network accounts. It’s often small businesses I’ve found. To quote Gary Vaynerchuk,

There is no sale without the story; no knockout without the setup.

Here’s what I often find people are doing to disrupt the sweet dreams on social media.

  1. Auto post messages between networks and never check the B side to engage with it.
  2. Only post links to your website for people to buy your products.
  3. Never offer true value for people to engage—always take, take, take with no give.
  4. Mass follow other people in the hope they follow you back.
  5. Buy followers, likes and love.
  6. Provide sparse content and engagement and expect results.
  7. Stick to one or two social networks and don’t bother exploring new mediums.
  8. Don’t bother using search to find and engage with others.

Auto Posting

I don’t like auto posting messages between social media accounts. Twitter only allows you to write 140 characters so what works on Facebook wont always work on Twitter. If your message was too big for Twitter you get an ugly link to the Facebook post.

Providing Value

It’s unreasonable to continually post for self gain and expect people to like it or hang around. You’re creating a spam storm. The only people that’ll hang around are probably doing the same thing. Provide content and engage with your network. Give a little before you take.

Faking It

There are countless places where you can buy followers or fans. These fake people you pay in real live money for don’t give you any money in return. They are just ego boosters. You can see those who buy fake followers on Instagram pretty easily. They might have 30,000 followers but each photo gets two or three likes. What’ll make you money is people who are genuinely engaged. Engagement you get from people who are hoovering up your content.

Starting from Zero

If you’re just starting out, faking it might seem a good way to make an instant impact. Instead, spend your time starting that hunt for genuine followers. Use the search on the likes of Twitter to find stories and people who are in your field. Talk to them. Find the questions they are asking and answer them in a blog post. Record a YouTube video and send it to them. Visit their website and see what they are about. This engagement and graft will bring you real people, with real money to spend.

Explore New Networks

Always check out new social networks for yourself. Don’t wait four months to see what your friends use or some magazine publishes a review. If you’re early and hit it big, the potential to win is greater. Invest an hour and see what these new platforms are about.

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