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Treat All Leads as Equals

I’m moving home. There’s a whole bunch of companies I need to get in contact with. Companies to quote for work, companies to check over the property, companies to update my details with—the list goes on. One thing that’s become clear though is the lack of urgency when it comes to email leads or enquiries. Sadly, this seems to be more evident in small local businesses.

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Inside Out

When was the last time you caught yourself looking over at a person’s screen who is serving you? Trying to get a glimpse of what they’re dealing with. It might be to see something for your own benefit. Or perhaps your curious about their user interface. Maybe you’re even comparing their system to something you use. It doesn’t take much to find staff battling along with some hideous internal systems.

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Organising an InstaMeet

Last weekend was #Glencoe15—an InstaMeet held in Glencoe. We went for a walk up into the Lost Valley. An Instameet is a community organised photography event based around Instagram. A bunch of people with similar interests meet up and create something. Here’s how we organised it, and an excuse to post some photos.

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Sharing Your Story

Struggling to sleep? Just try reading through a handful of corporate website About pages. Not so long ago I wrote about neglected email unsubscribe pages and next on the list is About pages. It’s amazing how many sites neglect the opportunity to showcase their journey. There’s no limit to how we can showcase our stories through text and visuals.

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WordPress Security

WordPress itself isn’t a security problem if you keep your nose clean. Neglecting security is a problem. It’ll consume that box of tissues quicker than you can say permissions. It’ll cause you to sit through frustrating calls to your hosting provider. You’ll spend hours scrambling around the code. Imagine if you could just set things up, sit back, and watch Game of Thrones.

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Rethink Stock Photography

This is more of a plea than a typical blog post for me. I’ll keep it short and sweet. If you have business people shaking hands; a call centre person with a headset; a person holding up a card with a generic message on it; or a white blob man performing some generic action—delete it. Don’t bother replacing it. Let your branding, site design, typography, and more importantly the content speak for itself.

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A Visit to Paris

This time last week I was in Paris, having spent a day in London before getting the Eurostar to Paris. Here’s what it looked like. The view from the top of the Arc de Triomphe.

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8 Ways to Create a Social Network Nightmare

It doesn’t take long before you stumble across some nightmare social network accounts. It’s often small businesses I’ve found. To quote Gary Vaynerchuk, “There is no sale without the story; no knockout without the setup.” Here’s what I often find people are doing to disrupt the sweet dreams on social media.

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Weekly Industry Team Talks

Last week I attended Industry Conference in Newcastle. One of the takeaways for me was to conduct a weekly Front End Development Talk. It’s a weekly meeting where people on the team get the chance to talk about something related to their industry.

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A Visit to Skye

This time last week I was driving the 225 miles to Skye. In the four days we covered 725 miles in the car, and probably walked around 20–25 miles. Here’s where we visited and how to find them.

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